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সুস্বাগতম! सुस्वागतम! ସୁସ୍ଵାଗତମ୍! வணக்கம்! Welcome! Bienvenue! Willkommen! Benvenuto! !خوش آمديد

My photo from UCLMy full name is Sharbatanu Chatterjee (শর্বতনু চট্টোপাধ্যায়). Most people call me Sharbat. I am currently a PhD student at the Laboratoire Jean Perrin, Sorbonne Université, in Paris, France. I am part of the ZENITH PhD program, funded by the European Commission. Till August 2020, I was a Research Assistant at the LIM Lab, at UCL, United Kingdom. I studied neuroscience as a master's student at EPFL in Switzerland. I once studied computer science at IIT Kanpur in India. I haven't written much here yet. Patience is a virtue. Further information and languages to come. You can contact me via email or Twitter.