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Nothing much over here for now too. You can get a glimpse of me from my Twitter feed. For the uninclined, I paraphrase my introduction to myself from some social media platforms :

I am a student of neuroscience, computer science, linguistics, cognitive sciences and the world. I believe that our limited time on this planet is meant to explore and contribute to the best of human endeavours. I received a bachelor's degree from IIT Kanpur with a major in computer science, a couple of minors in English literature and linguistic theory, and an avid interest in neuroscience and the cognitive sciences. I got a master's from EPFL the School of Life Sciences (Faculté des Sciences de la Vie), doing computational neuroscience. I then worked as a Research Assistant at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, working on rodent behaviour, and am now a PhD student at the Laboratoire Jean Perrin in a zebrafish neuroscience lab, funded by the European Commission. The future is hazy but beckons like crazy. (Excuse the unintended rhyming scheme)